Why Wearing T-Shirts as Dresses is Always A Good Idea

We all know that my main goal in life is to be cozy. Whether attending a fashion show or grabbing a casual dinner with friends, comfort is a number one priority. However, dressing for comfort doesn’t mean you are limited to sweatpants. There are countless ways to dress to look and feel your best. Alas, i present to you the ultimate solution: wearing t-shirts as dresses.


A new concept? No. A brilliant one? Most definitely.

Why should you wear t-shirts as dresses may you ask?

1. You can eat however much you want without showing off your food baby.

2. Ultimate comfort and confidence.

3. Shoe wear versatility – you can wear sneakers OR heels, depending on your mood.

4. Easy layering for an ‘I actually tried and didn’t just roll out of bed look.’

I copped this Re-Define Conference men’s tee from my good friends at Bachar Collection, a handmade vintage collective of clothing that you can’t find anywhere else. It reads ‘I Do This For My Culture,’ and was redesigned with a mesh panel and tie dye bleached for an ultimately dope outcome.


This day in New York City was astonishingly warm (in comparison to the rest of the year) and only required I throw on a light jacket. I almost forgot what it was like to not wear pants! I spent the afternoon at Chelsea Piers admiring the view and soaking up as much sun as possible, which is never enough for a Miami native like me.

When I let the fro out, you know it’s about to be a hell of a great day. Peep the outfit details below!



Outfit Details:

Bachar Collection t-shirt

Forever 21 jacket

Aldo Necklace & sunglasses

Converse sneakers

Rings from my travels in Israel



All images shot by Chris Jamel.

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