“It Ain’t Ralph Tho”

There’s nothing better than a spontaneous afternoon in New York City, except of course, a spontaneous photo shoot in Chelsea. My style changes a million times a week; one day I will be decked out in girly prints and floral tees, and the next, I’ll look like I just stepped out of Hot Topic. Most of the time it has a lot to do with what the weather is looking like, but nonetheless, it is constantly evolving.

As you can see, the weather was more on the gloomy side, hence my black and plaid ensemble. My number one rule when dressing is that while, yes, your outfit does have to look stylish and presentable, but you should always feel comfortable in what you are wearing. If you don’t feel comfortable, it will definitely show, and there’s no point to wear something you don’t feel the best version of yourself in! Confidence is the best accessory a woman can wear.

Scroll below to see What I Wore.




I just purchased these leather sneakers last week and it’s safe to say that they are glued to my feet. They go with everything, will last forever & are so comfortable.



The best kind of jewelry is the kind that has a story behind it. The first silver bracelet was given to me by someone special, and the second bracelet is one that found me a few weeks back in a Nepalese antique jewelry store. I haven’t taken these off either (and I don’t ever wear silver!)


I also picked up this silver Ganesh ring from the same Nepalese store. The Ganesh is a protectant of evil and rids all obstacles.

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H&M sunglasses

Forever 21 black tee

Ralph Lauren red plaid shirt

H&M leather jacket

Aeropostale black jeans

Air Walk sneakers

Special thanks to Tristan Christopher for taking my photos! Check out his Instagram here.

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