#TheVibeSeries with Virgil Abloh

viber party

If you missed last night’s incredible Viber Pop Up Party hosted by our very own YesJulz and her partner in crime, Norma Now, don’t worry, we’ve got you the exclusive photos and videos to make you feel like you were there! Miami residents gathered at Wynwood hot spot, Gramps, to forget about their hectic week and let loose to some real music, no frills attached.  The night started off with two of Miami’s newest DJ super stars, Norma’s very own, Jun-Ill and LTENGHT, who eased into their sets with melodic transitions including some of our favorite throw backs (think R Kelly, Ashanti vibes ) and even dropping new heat that we can’t even tell you about here until they disclose the juicy deets! Next on the line up was Miami vet, Dj Crespo ( @CrespoTheDj) who got straight to it with banger after banger, letting the crowd know the warm up was over and the party has officially begun. Atlanta Trap Queen,  DJ Speakerfoxxx ended up stealing the show with her cool outfit & even cooler sounds. Her Atlanta-inspired set had the crowd going crazy as she dropped mixes to Future, Young Thug, and more. After Speakerfoxxx let us know girls can go hard in the paint too, Virgil Abloh hit the tables, bringing the party to a whole other level. The audience was front & center, eagerly awaiting the creative director, turned DJ, turned designer, to hit the decks. Welcomed by Miamis best possible crowd, Virgil stayed true to his classic sound, playing old school Kanye and flawlessly transitioning between Travis Scott’s latest album “Rodeo” and Drake’s “Trophies.”

The event was completely free for those 18 and over, with the only requirement being that you had to follow the YesJulz Viber Chat – and let’s be serious… you know you want to anyway! Once guests entered the door, they were gifted YesJulz phone cases and exclusive Viber selfie sticks to snap pics of their most memorable moments during #TheVibeSeries Miami pop up. Some guests even got greeted by Julz with shots of Milagro at the door (what better way to start a party than with a free shot of tequila for you and the crew?) The crowd got a full on work out, bumping and grinding to the hottest songs of the year. Here’s a quick visual: Angela Simmons celebrating her birthday backstage in a flawless sequined gown while Julz is in front of the stage crowdsurfing, Virgil playing with buttons because he was 90% sure he blew the speakers out & Norma on stage dabbing, trying to avoid Julz forcing her to join in on the surf.

Stay tuned for more Viber pop up parties across the country hosted by the Director of Vibes herself, and if you can’t join us physically, make sure to turn into our Viber public chat & Le Snap for behind the scenes adventures with Julz and her bae squad.

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