The Blair List: Reincarnated


The Blair List has been reborn. A new look means a new perspective, and we are bringing you all access. Find everything from style tips and sample sales to the latest album leaks. Delve into the realm of creative inspiration and find what speaks to you.

This new and improved website has been months in the making and I have literally been jumping out of my seat wanting to show it to the world, but needed to make sure it was absolutely perfect before doing so. In addition to the new look, The Blair List has also created the opportunity for you to Get Blair Listed (see above). Every month, we will be showcasing a new fashion designer as well as the next big underground names in music who have what it takes to make it. If you think that you fit into one of these categories, you can simply submit your photos and/or music and get a chance to be featured.


The Blair List has virtually organized your closet space. Looking for some fashion inspiration for that upcoming event you have nothing to wear to? Search through the above toolbar to find the best of the red carpet as well as some outfits we have thrown together for your viewing pleasure. Maybe then your closet full of clothing might look like a brand new wardrobe.

Take some time to look around and browse the new Blair List website and don’t forget to check back for daily updates. So much time and dedication has been put into it and I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do!

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Special thanks to the Socialated Team and Victor Ramos.

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