Ronnie Fieg and Kith Travel to Japan for the Tokyo Sakura Project

Last week, Ronnie Fieg and the KithSet brand decided to take the label global by doing a pop-up shop project at United Arrows & Sons Shibuya flagship store in Japan. They called it TSP or the Tokyo Sakura Project. Known for his creative collaborations and innovative sense of style, Fieg wanted to explore different lanes in regards to culture and longevity. This video shows Ronnie Fieg and friends speak on the inspiration behind the Sakura project, growing friendships overtime and visuals on how they came together for creating the space for the pop-up shop. This dope recap video shows Ronnie Fieg with his closest friends, including Don C, Yes Julz, and Victor Cruz, all celebrating the new milestone along with their close knit friendships.

Known for its exclusivity, Kith is definitely becoming one of the top street-wear/urban wear brands to be based in NYC. If you haven’t seen the Tokyo Sakura Project and want to get your hands on some exclusive gear, you can grab it at or download the KithNYC app.

Check out the recap video here and be sure to stay tuned for more Ronnie Fieg/Kith news.

KITH “Tokyo Sakura Project” Recap Video from KITH NYC on Vimeo.

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