Exclusive Interview and Special Playlist from Miami Rapper Prez P

Prez P is a Miami rapper who is helping to make his city a respected community of hip hop. With his recent release, The Preztige, a few months ago, Prez has been avidly working on his upcoming bodies of work, which include two EP’s and an upcoming album. He has worked with Miami’s hottest talent, from producer The Pyrvmids, to acclaimed rapper, Bizzy Crook. The Blair List got a chance to sit down with both of them for the awesome #BLAIRLISTED series, highlighting just how important music’s impact is on the budding Miami culture. Prez has also been featured on Sway’s Rap Fix Live, where they concluded that Prez is undoubtedly going to make it.

It’s always interesting to see what artists listen to. You’d never believe that some of your favorite hip hop artists prefer classical music over what’s hot on the charts. With that being said, we asked Prez P to curate an exclusive playlist just for The Blair List, where he showcases his favorite songs of the moment in another installment of #TheSoundList. From Future to Denzel Curry, the playlist has a theme of bangers with heavy bass, which I know I can always appreciate -especially when at the gym. Throw in some Meek Mill and one of his own songs, She Just Wanna Get Lit, you get a feel for Prez’s musical preferences and get to know the Miami rapper on a more personal level. After all, how many people do you let peek into your iTunes library? Don’t act like you don’t have some old school Hoku up in that b*tch.

Prez P then answered a few questions for us, like who his favorite artist is and what he’s currently working on. Check out the interview and playlist below and make sure to let us know what you think!


TBL: Who is your favorite artist of the moment and why? 

Prez P: Future is killing everything right now. After meeting him while my bro, Unkle Luc, was filming Trap N*ggas video in Atlanta and seeing how focused he was at the studio, he inspired me. He’s definitely somebody in the game that I look up to.
TBL: You released The Prestige a few months ago. Are you working on anything now?
Prez P: I’m currently working on two EP’s and my upcoming album, Prezidential.
TBL: Can we catch you on stage performing anytime soon?
Prez P: I have some things in the works, but nothing in the near future. I’m laying low and taking time to finish these music, art, and video projects.

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