I Partied in Gainesville with YesJulz and it Was Awesome

Ain’t no party like a YesJulz party! Especially when it’s at one of the biggest frats at the University of Florida. The Snapchat Gawdess took over the TEP house this past Saturday to give the kids a tailgate they would never forget… or remember. The tailgate was in preparation from the biggest game of the football season: UF vs. Ole Miss, a major event in itself. When we got to the house, it desperately needed some juice. The Director of Vibes grabbed the mic, threw on some of her favorite songs and held one of the most EPIC twerkathons I have ever seen. The participants were working so hard that Julz was kind enough to hand them customized Viber x YesJulz towels to cool down in style.
If you didn’t tune into the Snap, the winners won free bottles of tequila (and a may or may not have twerked with Julz to celebrate). The house vibrated to Drake and Future’s “Big Rings,” while Julz and the crew threw free Viber x TEP t-shirts from the roof to the hardest partiers at the house. Partygoers sipped on some chilled Heineken while throwing special purple footballs made just for the event. Julz must have been a good luck charm because UF won the game against Ole Miss by a landslide! I think its safe to say we left a little bit of Miami charm on Gator city!
Didn’t catch any of it on the Snap? Peep the video of the event below, but beware, you will experience some major FOMO. Stay tuned on the details coming for the next Viber tailgate coming soon at the University of Miami on October 24th!

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