OOTD: Simplicity Is Key, ft. Val Designs


Lately, I have been drawn to simplicity when it comes to style. Whether it be wearing monochromatic colors like black and white or wearing less accessories, my outfit choices have been directly reflective of my personal development. I have come to the conclusion that it’s more about how you feel and the confidence you exude that makes or breaks an outfit. So, this time around for my OOTD post, I have kept it truly minimalistic, showcasing my look against the most colorful backdrop I could find in Downtown Miami’s Design District. My hair is *gasp* straight and I knew that this would be the perfect opportunity to show off my new found sense of unwavering confidence. Remember: attitude is everything, fashion enhances it.



The shirt I am wearing is by Val Designs and reads ‘Carpe Diem…Preferrably in Stilettos.’ I love that it’s just black and white and can truly go with any bottoms from skirts to leggings. I thought it would be a great juxtaposition by not even wearing heels at all. If I’m keeping it real, you know that heels are quite possibly the most uncomfortable accessory ever, and I do everything I can to not wear them unless I’m attending an event. Who says you can’t look fly without heels?! No one, that’s who.


I kept it chill, pairing my Val Designs shirt with simple black high waisted jean shorts which I scored at Target & my new Dolce Vita slip on shoes. I bought my sunglasses in Italia, when The Blair List Went Global this summer, and never leave my house without them. How else can you give the side eye without people seeing? 😉





Shop my look:

Val Designs t-shirt

Target black shorts

Dolce Vita slip on perforated sneakers

Sunglasses from Italy

Thursday/Friday ‘Balenciaga’ handbag

Now you can score 10% off all Val Designs clothing by using the promo code: SCHOOL until next Sunday by clicking here!


Follow the #ValDesigns hashtag to see other fashionistas rocking her clothing.

Meet the designer Val by following her personal Instagram: @ValenQuirogaaa

And follow Val Design’s Facebook page here.

Special thanks to Jacqueline Cassuto for taking the photos.

Special thanks to Valentina from Val Designs for the cute t-shirt!

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