OOTD: Plaid About You

I have developed an obsession with plaid. I don’t know if it was my constant listening to Nirvana when I was younger or being around Zack Mars, but I strongly believe that if done right, it can make any outfit look good. Honestly, when you pair anything with black leather jeans, everything seems to look good. This was one of those “throw whatever you want on” kind of moments, hence the meeting of the classic red lips and backwards snap back for a grunge street wear look. These photos were shot at Five Pointz in New York City, which was the most amazing area of artistry and graffiti that has since shut down a few days after these were taken. Safe to say, we got these pictures just in time. Check out where you can score the same pieces below.



American Apparel shirt

Zara pants

Forever 21 plaid shirt

Steve Madden shoes

Eva’s sunglasses

Obey hat

Special thanks to my photographer, Eva Calon.

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