Listen: Noodles Drops ‘May’ Playlist, Computer Bursts into Flames

Moments I love: discovering pure gold on Soundcloud accidentally. Recently, I came across Noodles, a bad ass DJ based in California who truly has a talent for fusing together different songs into one seamless orchestra of music. She dropped an incredible ‘May playlist’ that is so well put together that even my ADHD couldn’t cause me to push next. It transitions from Jeremih’s undeniably great singing voice to Jhene Aiko’s chill vibes. Throw a little Kehlani in there and you’re good to go. Not going to lie, I even discovered some new favorite tunes (Shazam, where you at tho?).

I was really impressed by this playlist and knew you would love it! Peep it below and on the sidebar for our featured Playlist of the week.

You definitely want to keep up with Noodles on Soundcloud if you know what’s good for you.

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