Kehlani Shows Off Her Dance Moves in New Music Video for “The Way”

With every release, Kehlani continues to prove that she is just as talented as she is beautiful. Her latest release is an awesome black and white music video for my favorite song of hers for “The Way,” featuring Chance the Rapper. This video takes a completely different approach for the singer, as her artwork, videos and songs are usually extremely colorful. It has been amazing to see this young woman blossom and truly find her path into the world of music.

Many people don’t know that Kehlani actually went to an art school in Oakland, where she was there for dancing. After suffering a knee injury, she then went on to explore her other gift: singing (and boy are we happy she did!). She ended up on America’s Got Talent with a group called PopLyfe, where Piers Morgan literally told her she would be better off if she went on her own. Staying true to her brothers, Kehlani said she’s not going anywhere without her family. Fast forward a few years and Kehlani has proved just how far loyalty, perseverance, determination and talent get you.

Leave it to Lani to tear it up with her insane dance skills in this video for “The Way,” featuring Chance the Rapper. Check it out below and try and catch her on tour if the tickets haven’t sold out already.


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