Kehlani Brings Substance Back to Music with ‘You Should Be Here’

It’s tough enough for a talented artist on the rise to gain the recognition they deserve. Every project is comprised of their blood, sweat and tears and is an emotional (and scary) experience for them once they put their music out into the world. However, after hustling for years, Kehlani is finally getting the recognition she deserves.  With the release of You Should Be Here, the world is now faced with a woman with incredible talent, fearless confidence and boundless self-love.

If you ask me, Kehlani is exactly what the world needs right now.

You Should Be Here is a strong compilation that showcases her chameleon-like versatility and tremendous growth from the already dope Cloud 19 mixtape she dropped last year. Her vocals are undeniable, and every song is a smooth transition from the last, giving homage to her 90’s R&B influenced soulful roots. Lani talks about the things everyone can relate to: heartbreak, feeling used, and picking up the pieces to reveal a beautiful masterpiece.

With features from upcoming female rapper, Lexi Alijai, and BJ the Chicago Kid, Kehlani is giving props to the underdogs who deserve the shine – and she’s not afraid to share. She planned to stray away from the usual, expected artists that oversaturate the radio waves, and collaborate with the hustlers. Other notable features include Chance the Rapper and Coucheron, both who do the damn thang on their respected features.

As per usual, Kehlani and producer Jahaan Sweet make the most epic dream team. I have been lucky enough to witness them both in the studio together right before You Should Be Here‘s release, and it’s safe to say  they are musical soul mates.

Listen to You Should Be Here below, but you’ve been warned: you won’t be able to stop!


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