Interview: Skincare Expert, Peter Thomas Roth

On January 4th, I attended a meet and greet event at Ulta Beauty Store in Aventura, Florida, in honor of Peter Thomas Roth. Peter Thomas Roth is the ultimate skincare expert with his own line of innovative products that are specifically designed for anti-aging and acne purposes. At the event, I was able to score a free mini facial using his products as well as sit down and chat with the man himself for an interview. I learned a lot about what it takes to make it in such a competitive industry, as well as get some insight on Peter’s personal journey. Learn about how he is his own chemist and the process from an idea to conception of a product below. Check out his amazing list of specially formulated products here. (Side note: he has amazing skin!)


Tell me a little bit about yourself.

I was born and raised in New York to Hungarian parents. I used to go visit the natural mineral water springs when I was growing up. It smelled of sulfur, and people used to go all the time because they said that it makes you look and feel younger. That initially inspired me to create my own line, and I have been in the skincare industry for over 20 years.

What separates your products from other brands?

I am my own chemist. I have my own lab and am extremely involved in every step of the process. I also have every ingredient written clearly on the front of the bottle. There are no secrets and you know exactly what you’re using.

Explain to me the process of creating a new product from an idea.

Ideas come from needs. If there is a new need that has to be met, I research the best chemicals, peptides, and creams to make sure that that particular need is met in the best way possible. I figure out how to deliver the results, and in which way and then go back and forth with my chemist to make sure it’s absolutely perfect. It can take anywhere from a few weeks to a year or two.

How did you get started with making these products?

I had really bad acne growing up and it made me really self conscious. I thought to make new products that actually worked to make myself and others feel much better about themselves. I started with having 20 products- 10 were for acne problems and the other 10 were for anti-aging. Now we have over 100 products!


How did you start getting your products into hotels?

I was originally only in certain spas. I got into The Camelback Inn in Arizona and they did really well there. Then, Marriott reached out and wanted the products in their hotels too. From there, the products were then in Hilton Hotels as well. That’s sort of how it all began.

When did you start getting your products into stores?

It’s funny actually. Fifteen years ago, when Sephora was just opening their first store, they contacted me to have my products on display to sell. This was before Sephora really made a name for themselves since they were just opening. It did really well there, and now they are sold in all of the Sephoras in the country.

What motivated you to continue building you skincare line?

In the beginning, I was always very fascinated with department stores. However, I never understood exactly what I was getting in the products I got. So that’s when I decided to put every ingredient on the front of the bottle, which was unheard of back then. People in the beauty industry now come knowing what they want and what they’re looking for ingredient-wise.

What’s next for Peter Thomas Roth?

I think that once you’re in retail stores, it’s important to grow within those stores. We are international and in 80 different countries right now, so we want to expand the exposure of Peter Thomas Roth in these stores. That means more products, more space, more end caps. There are ways to grow in the environment that you’re in and making better use of where we are now, and that’s extremely important.


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