#LongLiveChinx: Friends & Family Gather For Chinx Album Listening Party

Hosted by Shaheem Reid, this is was an amazing gathering that was attended by many of Chinx’s friends and family. Held at Stage 48 in NYC, everyone came through to pay homage to the late MC at the official Chinx Album Listening Party. The Cokeboy’s life was sadly taken away May 17th shortly after the release of the summer smash “Off The Rip”. His life may have seemed short lived but the Queens MC is survived through his music and due to the fact that he is without a doubt about to release one of the hottest albums of the summer, Welcome To JFK.

The album brings back the sound of a real New Yorker. One thing about Chinx and the friends is that he kept only Day Ones around him, such as his closest friend French Montana. They knew how validate what a true New Yorker is supposed to be. Humble but cocky. Low key but flashy.


DJ Amazin was on the 1’s and 2’s the entire night spinning remixes and features of Chinx. Eventually the crowd grew anxious, anticipating the sounds of the Welcome To JFK album. There were appearances made by Chinx’s fellow rap friends such as Vado and Maino. DJ Spin King even came through to show his respect. Shaheem Reid came to the mic and introduced the intro which was titled “Experimental”. From there, DJ Amazin went on to play “Far Rock” which is a tribute song to where Chinx is originally from, Far Rockaway, Queens. The one song that stood out that attendees think will be the hit of the album is “Yay”. A good majority of the people who attended had on a shirt or hat that said “Yay”. Look for that to be the next single from the album. The already existing single was also played titled “On Your Body” in which the label and the family of Chinx premiered an exclusive video for the song.


Of course it’s very unfortunate that Chinx will not be here to celebrate the release of his first album, but the hard work and dedication he put into the album certainly didn’t go without recognition last night. Along with the music, Chinx’s legacy will live on through his wife Janelli, his two daughters and his son who will carry Chinx’s government name as Lionel Pickens Jr.

Check out some pics of the party below. “Welcome To JFK” will be available for pre-order July 17th and the album will be available everywhere for purchase August 14th.

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