‘Fresh Talent Indie Showcase’ Hits Miami March 5 | Features Performances, Live Art & More

Featuring a few of the hottest emcees in Miami’s indie scene, along with live art, catered food, and the always necessary Beer Pong, the ‘Fresh Talent Indie Showcase’ touches down at The Stage on Thursday, March 5. Hosted by social media famous hat designer 40 OZ Van out of NYC, Miami rappers Ca$hy and Zoey Dollaz headline the night’s performances, backed up by Danny Brickz, Ignorant O, KTLN, and more. DJs E-Money, Ference, Nixon and Oso City are slated to hit the 1’s and 2’s, adding turntable vibes to the showcase.

Presented by the creators behind Sole Fresh, events such as these, once few and far in between, are popping up more regularly in the Magic City and surrounding areas, providing more opportunities than ever before for the local scene to catch some spotlight. Unfortunately, with no real dedicated connection to the mainstream urban industry from the underground Miami hip hop scene, the city and the scenes counterparts are left traveling to the opportunity, or taking what they can get. The saving grace has been front runners, such as Sole Fresh, WAKEUPSTAR, Dope Ent., and others, taking charge, and creating something out of nothing. Though nowhere near the level of other metropolitan cities, (NYC, LA, Chicago, Atlanta, etc.), the more trailblazing, the more the city will be equipped to compare and compete.

For performance slots & general ticket information, click here.


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