Exclusive Interview: Lil Debbie, Talks ‘California Sweetheart’, Riff Raff, and Touring with Too Short

Whatever you think about Lil Debbie, leave it at the door because she’s about to completely change your opinion. If describe her, I would just say she’s real. This girl has no problem telling you how it is in every aspect. She’s an open book and doesn’t try to be anything she’s not, something that is truly admirable especially in the music industry. The Blair List caught up with Lil Debbie while she was on tour to talk about her recent project California Sweetheart, getting punked into rapping by Riff Raff and touring with Too Short. Get to know the blond bombshell and the truth about how she really got her start in the music industry.


How did you get into rap? Where did you get Lil Debbie from?

Lil Debbie kind of got created when Kreayshawn put out ‘Gucci Gucci’. I always had nicknames for myself since before I was rapping. People come up to me and knew who I was off of my following when me and Kreyshawn were internet girls. I had names like ‘Rich Girl Coasting’. When Gucci Gucci dropped, I would walk around and people would start giving me nicknames. Then one day, Kreayshawn and her manager were like ‘We have a great name for you.’ I was like “What is it?” and they said “Lil Debbie” and I was like that kinda works. It just stuck since it’s so easy to pick up. It stems from Wacka Flocka. His mom’s name is Debbie and he has this song where he says ‘this is for my mom Debbie,’ and we love Wacka Flocka so that was an inspiration for sure. When people find out that Debbie isn’t my real name, they’re like ‘Oh my God, Debbie has nothing to do with your name!’ What am I supposed to be ‘Lil Jordan?!’

Was rapping something you always wanted to do? Because I know you have a strong fashion background & your mom was also a designer.

I never imagined myself rapping. I actually got punked into it by Riff Raff. We put out ‘Brain Freeze’ hella years ago and he called me when I just got kicked out of White Girl Mob and moved back to Oakland and he told me ‘come by LA and do this song’ and I was like ‘No. I don’t feel like it.’ Then he convinced me to rap on it and shoot a video for it. So, I went out to LA and literally arrived at the studio at 9 at night and recorded it and shot the video right after at like 12.


How did you meet Riff Raff?

The Internet. He was looking for a DJ for his upcoming tour and he sent me some of his songs like ‘Jose Conseco’ before it was even out. We talked about me DJing for him a little bit for his tour with Soulja Boy and we just clicked. He’s like a big brother to me.


How did you link up with Married To The Mob?

I have always been a fan of MTTM when I was younger and living in The Bay. I used to always go and buy their t-shirts. I actually did my first FIDM project on MTTM. I have always really loved their work. Then they disappeared for a while and I was like they need to come back because they were the only ones making shit for women. No one was doing that back then. There’s a photographer named Pretty Puke in LA, who also shot the cover for California Sweetheart Pts. 1 and 2. He hit me up and was like ‘Hey I’m doing this shoot for A life with Camron and Jadakiss and I thought you would be a perfect fit. And I’m all like ‘Fuck yea!’ So we literally went and got all the props for it. The guy that used to own A Life is actually the owner of MTTM’s baby daddy and she ended up reaching out to me and we automatically clicked and started working together.

Debbie Cali Sweetheart

Who is your dream collaboration designer wise?

Designer wise? Well you know I’m gonna say some bougie ass shit like Balmain! Haha. I’m down for streetwear brands but I have been doing it for so long that I’m finding myself to be a more basic woman. You know, I’m getting older. I did all I can do in the streetwear brands. I’m finding myself backing off of brands and buying wifebeaters and white tees and shit that has no brand name on it. Like people always s ay ‘Look at this brand I got on’ and I’m like ‘Bitch, I don’t have no brand!’


Describe your style in three words.

I would say petite, cozy and clean.


If your house was burning down and you could only grab two things from your closet, what would it be?

I would take a pair of my boyfriend jeans and my Cool Greys.


Going back to music, let’s talk California. I know you’re from The Bay and there are some dope artists out of there. Who inspired you musically when you were younger?

I listen to a lot of Jay Stalin, Keak the Sneak, Mac Dre, Too Short. Guys like that. As for rappers there now, HBK Gang is amazing. I’ve known those boys for a couple years and their whole presence is amazing.


Yeah, The Bay is really coming up in the music scene right now and most artist there are pretty underrated.

Oh for sure. I’m always giving love to Oakland. Once I know people and if I fuck with you, I don’t care how many numbers you have or your following. If I really genuinely fuck with you, I’m always going to try to do something to get money in your pocket. I’m always just connecting the dots.



Tell me about your California Sweetheart cover and how it came about.

I just kinda felt like I don’t try to be super sexual. I’m not like that in general. So I thought that this would be my chance to do a cover that represents who I am so I went full throttle on that. One of my inspirations is Lil Kim’s Hardcore. I love that album cover. That’s one of the only albums I still own. I wanted to something a little more soft, glamorous and girly. I wanted to do something all pastel and white, very light, very airy, something sweet. I didn’t want to do cartoons or me thuggin’ on the cover. Master P’s old albums with the huge diamond lettering, the smoke, and money signs also inspired my cover. That’s what I’m into- the clip art feel.


How did you get the name California Sweetheart?

I wanted the first project to be straight to the point that gave a message of not being too harsh or manly so I chose California Sweetheart. You know, I’m from California. A lot of people have a misconception of who I am because of the Internet or my opinions on Twitter. I’m from California and I’m a sweet ass bitch.


What do you think is the biggest misconception of you?

People trying to say that I act like a certain race or color. Or saying I’m not with this shit or that shit. But I’m older than 22 and I’ve been where I’ve been. I’m from The Bay. I don’t have to walk around and explain or justify that to anyone. And also people think that I try and act really hard. I’m funny, my opinions are outlandish, and I’m sweet. So people saying that I’m like ‘You Don’t know. We’re not chilling. I don’t post everything on Instagram or Twitter for a reason.’ Don’t let Instagram and Twitter fool you. I’m not gonna fight you, but someone around me might!


What’s next for you?

I end the tour on August 29th and then I hop right back into the studio the next week and I start the next project. It’s a whole new creative process for me and I’m excited to be home and be able to find a new outlet for inspiration. I love California Sweetheart but I’m glad it’s over and I’m ready to just find inspiration from other things.

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