Chance the Rapper Gives Epic Performance in Miami Beach

Chance the rapper

To be completely transparent, I am not an avid listener to Chance the Rapper. However, the few songs I do know, I love, and I have been avidly following his steady growth on social media for some time. To some people, if you don’t know every song of an artist, there’s no point to attend their concert. For me, it’s the complete opposite. The less I know about an artist, the more I want to see them live. When you’re witnessing an artist take the stage for the first time, there’s something truly magical about it. They are in their element, embraced by the roaring audience and completely in their zone. It’s witnessing fearlessness. They are the most themselves in that very moment.

@chancetherapper KILLING IT right now 🌊🌊🌊 #FamilyMattersTour // tune into the snap for the coverage @yesjulzagency

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Last night at The Fillmore, I witnessed Chance on stage in a state of pure bliss. He was enthralled with the roaring bass from the speakers, the hard kick of the drums behind him, and the classic sound of a trumpet blaring & the best part? The huge smile Chance couldn’t seem to kick the entire time he was performing. As I intently Snapchatted, Instagrammed, and Tweeted the highlights of his performance, I did take a few minutes to be fully present in the moment as Chance had been the entire nigh, I was inspired but his presence and ability to be in the now. I looked around me at the thousands of fans screaming his lyrics on the top of their lungs with their eyes closed, dancing, waving their arms to the beat. I noticed that the crowds weren’t there to turn up, they were there to soak up and radiate the positivity that was Chance The Rapper. Chance’s message is about quality and presence, and he took several moments during the show to share some inspirational words and positive messages to his fans, something that is very rarely seen, even more rarely seen at a hiphop concert. Chance sounded even better live than he does on his records, which was astounding to me because his songs can be extremely fast paced and up-tempo. He wasn’t supported by a slew of DJs or back up singers, but instead brought his band, The Social Experiment, with him to deliver a solid sound that he was both evidently motivated and captivated by. Donnie Trumpet, his trumpet player, gave an incredible solo that had even his most dedicated fans sitting there with their jaws dropped.

In the end, seeing Chance live has definitely made me more of a fan than I was prior to the show. His stage presence was unparalleled to any rapper I have seen, and his message was blatantly clear: be and love yourself, focus on what drives your soul, and always try to be better than you were yesterday.

Who doesn’t want to be a fan of that?! We here at the agency love you chance and we are right on the same page.

Let the good vibes roll!

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