Breakthrough Artist Bryson Tiller Surprises Fans With New Song

I’ve been keeping my tabs on Bryson Tiller for a while now, and one thing I can say about the extremely talented artist is that he never fails to impress. It’s evident that his experience in continuing to create new music has helped him develop into a stronger songwriter over time. He has been able to mold his own sound, that if you try to compare him to mainstream artists now, you can’t choose a single person he sounds exactly like. He is in his own lane.

Bryson Tiller dropped this song, called “Exchange,” on Apple Beats 1 Radio, which probably means he has a cosign of Drake. And when Drake cosigns something, there’s no limit to how far it could go. I mean, no one even knows that “Hotline Bling” is a remix to a song.

“Exchange” talks about a situation with an ex, rehashing conversations and memories, while addressing some issues that have been on the man’s mind. The Mekanics beat is nothing short of moving and acts as a perfect backdrop to Tiller’s vocals.

Tiller also became more widely known when he dropped his song “Don’t” on Soundcloud, which has since garnered almost 24 million views (!!!). He has been slowly but surely working on his album Trapsoul, which has said to be dropping in a few short days on October 2nd.

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