#BLAIRLISTED: Prez P and The Pyrvmids Talk Miami Hip Hop in Exclusive Interview

The Miami music scene is blowing up and Prez P and The Pyrvmids are on the forefront of the rapidly growing movement. If you don’t know about them, it’s time to get acquainted because these hustlers are out here making moves.

Prez P has been rapping for years and gained major notoriety when he was featured on MTV’s #RapFixLive with Sway, where he received advice from Ab-Soul and Raekwon (I mean how many people can say that?!). The Pyrvmids is a talented producer, also from Miami, who fuses together 90’s nostalgia and booming beats for a signature sound that sets him apart from the saturated world of ‘follow my Soundcloud’ fuccbois. He has produced songs for Bizzy Crook, Terry2Dope and Rell Burgundy among others. However, this time around, Prez P and The Pyrvmids are teaming up for their own collaboration, a mixtape called The Preztige, due out later this year, where both artists will showcase their  talents together in a seamless way.


The #BLAIRLISTED series is focused on bringing to light the hustlers in the background who are working tirelessly to push the culture in a positive direction. From painters to producers, we’ve got you covered on who’s making waves in their respected field. So, it only seemed right to get Prez P and The Pyrvmids #BLAIRLISTED. These men have been working diligently to make music in Miami the next big thing.

Being from Miami myself, I was excited at the opportunity to help bring the city to the masses. I met up with them at Star Boy studios in Miami, Florida to get the exclusive on The Preztige, their thoughts on the current music scene in the 305 and plans for the future. You definitely don’t want to miss some hilarious tid bits from our conversation. Peep the video below and don’t forget to subscribe to The Blair List’s YouTube channel!


Prez P – Highatus II

The Pyrvmids – 1994


Video edited by Blair Cassuto and Chris Jamel.

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