#BLAIRLISTED: Antione Price, Creative Director & Founder of Antique Society Homme

Antione Price is a modern creative visionary from Atlanta, Georgia with an innovative outlook on life. He grabs inspiration from the world around him and is constantly challenging himself to create pieces that are not only different, but are also thought provoking. Everything down to the cuts and color ways of his garments are carefully selected to bring you a clothing brand that is in its own lane of “Street Gothic Couture.” Worn by artists such as Jay Z and Teyana Taylor, among others, it’s safe to say that he was made for this. I met up with Antione Price on a cold, winter New York day to get a feel for the man behind the brand, and anyone who is willing to spend hours outside in the bitter snow to have his voice be heard is someone we should all listen to.


The name Antique Society Homme comes from his different way of thinking. Antione Price truly believes that there is nothing better than being yourself, especially in a world that is trying to make you like everybody else. He embraces his individuality to the fullest and stays true to himself and his beliefs instead of falling victim to society’s standards, making everyone take notice. This is why I have chosen Antione for the second episode of the #BLAIRLISTED series.



You can find Antione in Women’s Wear Daily’s “most fashionable street style” section during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week every season. They love the way he puts together every piece, layered to perfection. The best part? He is wearing Antique Society Homme in every shot. Clearly, the giants of the fashion world recognize his movement. Learn about Antione Price and his journey with Antique Society Homme below.



TBL: Where did you get the name Antique Society Homme?

AP: In 2009 I came up with the name Antique Society as a mindset, a way of life. Antique Society is different, it break rules, and challenge peoples mind. I added the Homme to it in 2012, as a interpretation stating that I am the man behind Antique Society, “Homme” means “man” in french. Going forward we will be using ANTIQUE SOCIETY c/o ANTIONE PRICE later this year.


TBL: What has been the most valuable lesson you have learned from starting your own clothing company?

That making your dreams come true are not easy, its about drive and determination to make things happen. Also its about being in the right places and surrounding yourself around the “right” people. Not everyone will understand your vision.


TBL: What sets your brand apart from the competition?

AP: Not going with trends, creating new waves, not scared to be different.


TBL: What advice would you give to anyone who wants to create their own clothing company?

AP: Be serious, because this cost time and money that you can’t get back,  but if you do the right steps, you will succeed. But just be different, don’t pay attention to no one else but yourself.


TBL: Highlight of your fashion career?

Creating a 1 of 1 piece for Jay Z.


Purchase Antique Society Homme’s latest collection here & follow Antione on Instagram here.


All photos and video footage of Antione Price taken by Blair Cassuto.

Footage edited by Alexis Cassuto.

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