#BLAIRLISTED: Bizzy Crook Talks ‘No Hard Feelings’ in Exclusive Interview

Miami rapper, Good Luck General, visionary, force to be reckoned with. Those words are just a simple glimpse into the man that Bizzy Crook is. If you have been following The Blair List, you know that I have been keeping tabs on him, showcasing his talent from all the way back in March when I heard him on The Pyrvmids‘ mixtape Black American Dream. The first time I listened to the tape, I came across Bizzy’s feature for Scoreboard while I was doing some work online. I immediately stopped what I was doing and said to myself  “who IS this kid?!” Being  from Miami as well, it was only natural that Bizzy and I joined forces sooner or later.


The first thing that came to my mind when I heard him was “kid’s got bars!” Substance is one thing that Bizzy Crook is not lacking, something that is extremely rare in today’s music industry. From his visuals to his lyrics, Bizzy methodically strategizes himself as a brand. Even from his first mixtape where he was merely in the experimental phases of his sound, it’s apparent that if it’s not dope, Bizzy won’t release it under his name. His flow is unquestionable, his substance never lacking, and his truth never guarded.


Unlike other artists in the game, Bizzy isn’t trying to put up a front. He tells his story through his music as if you were his therapist, leaving no question unanswered and no detail hidden. Yes, Bizzy was in a mental hospital, yes, he has faced trials and tribulations. Haven’t we all? The difference is that Bizzy Crook isn’t only doing this for himself; he’s doing this for you, too. He wants you to know that it’s okay to have emotions you don’t understand or want to feel because if he can get through what he’s been through, then you can too.


That is the main reason that I have chosen Bizzy Crook for the third installment of the #BLAIRLISTED series. The #BLAIRLISTED series is different than a basic interview. Those who have been #BLAIRLISTED are pushing the culture forward. They are making a name for themselves and using their following for the greater good. People like this are hard to come by, so it’s only right that I show them off to the rest of the world to help their wave rise.


I feel fortunate that I was able to witness the process of his latest mixtape No Hard Feelings come to life. Being the studio with Bizzy truly impacted me in more ways than he knows, among several thousand other die hard fans. People have connected with Bizzy’s struggle & rise so much that they have even gotten his lyrics tattooed on themselves and he hasn’t even been signed! If that doesn’t show you he’s up next then I don’t know what does.

Check out my interview with the man Bizzy Crook & stay tuned for the latest on his musical journey coming soon to a browser near you.



Video edited by Jordan “Gordy” Hiraldo.

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