A Day in New York City With Blair Cassuto


It’s safe to say that New York City has my heart. No matter where I travel to, it will always feel like home to me. With the incredible food, energy, and people, no place even comes remotely close to The Big Apple. One of my favorite places on earth is Central Park, and trust me when I say it looks breathtaking once snow has fallen (and you’re dressed properly of course)!

The great NYC-based photographer, Eva Calon, followed me around the city on a (freezing), beautiful New York City morning, where we hit up my favorite street and visited The Park in true Sex and The City style- heels and all. This proves that you don’t have to sacrifice your own style no matter if it feels like Antarctica outside. Check out my city adventure below, and scroll down to see What I Wore.



What I Wore

Special thanks to my photographer, Eva Calon.

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  1. Dyan says: Reply

    Love it! Keep doing more shoots around town :))

  2. Eva Calon says: Reply

    Love it!

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